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ANSAR (Autonomic Nervous System and Respiration)


The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the part of the Brain that controls all of our involuntary organs (heart, lungs, blood vessel, bladder, GI system). It accomplishes this by sending two classes of nerves to each organ it controls. 1) sympathetic nerves system, 2) parasympathetic nervous system. These systems exert opposite control on each organ to keep them in "balance". ANSAR is a unique method of testing the Autonomic Nervous System to tell us if it is working or not, but it can also tell which part of the autonomic nervous system is not working well.

ANSAR Testing Jacksonville

The testing itself is very simple. A trained technician will attach 3 EKG leads and a blood pressure cuff to start. They will then monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and respiration over a 15 minute period while doing 3 simple maneuvers; 1. Deep breathing 2. Valsalva 3. Standing. All interspersed with periods of rest in atrium.

Science has shown that people in "balance" of their ANS feel and live longer. The testing can help show if proper classes of medication at appropriate dosages are being utilized to treat your particular issues.

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